Guitar & Amp Repairs

Here at Twang Guitars we repair Guitars, Amplifiers and Pro-Audio equipment at a reasonable cost. 

We can give you a quote for any repairs about to be undertaken and we do not charge for initial inspections or if an item cannot be repaired.

We can repair vintage and modern equipment and all repairs done by us are guaranteed for 3 months.


Unfortunately we do not repair Hi-Fi equipment.

Price List for Common Repairs

  • Guitar Restringing from £17.50 (includes strings).

  • Guitar Setup from £25.

  • Floyd Rose Guitar Restring & Setup £30.

  • Bass Restring from £25 (includes strings).

  • Guitar/Bass Servicing from £25.

  • Amplifier Servicing from £30.

  • Guitar Nut Replacement from £25.

  • New Acoustic Bridge Saddle from £25.

  • Acoustic Soundhole Pickup fitting £48.

  • Broken Neck/Headstock Repair from £50.

  • Electrical Repairs from £25.

Examples of what we do

Replacement Scratch

Plate & Rewire

Neck Repair & General Setup


Circuit Board Repair & Rewire

Electrical Repair & Service

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