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Pair of oval wooden maracas, flower finish, black, 19 cm (7.5")

- Material: Poplar (handle) and birch (shaker)
- Length: 19 cm (7.5")
- Finish: Flower
- Colour: Black

Metallophone with 12 colour-coded keys and two wooden mallets
- Material: Pine (rack)
- Notes: 1 1/2 octave (A to E)
- Included: Two wooden mallets
- Dimensions: 38 x 12 cm ( 14.96 x 4.72” )
- Net weight: 490 g (1.08 lb)


1464681220Stagg APIST Apito samba fluit 3 tonen met koord totoal.webp
Stagg 3-Tone Apito Samba Whistle with Cord

Large headless wooden tambourine with 1 row of jingles

- Frame: Birch
- Jingles: Stainless steel

7.5" and 6.5" black Latin wood bongos
- Head: Rabbit skin
- Shells: Wood
- Rims and bottoms: Steel
- Included: Tuning wrench

- Finish: Black


World Rhythm MDJ028 9” Djembe Drum


Wooden Mahogany African Hand Drum


Swirl Black

The Mahogany shell provides rich distinctive bass and high tones. Goat skin head and rope tuned gives this a very sensitive but hard wearing playing surface

Distinctive black carved shell

Nine inch head and 20 inches high

Unique drum for beginners and professionals


download (34).jpg
Large Afuche Cabasa,
Quality wooden model with metal balls, size 14cm

image (1).jpg
Waltons Pro 5 Bodhrán
The choice of professionals, the Waltons Pro Bodhrán with added ply provides extra durability and life to the instrument for the prolific player. Handcrafted by Waltons, these bodhráns offer superb build quality with heavy-duty laminated shells and double goatskin heads, delivering unrivalled stability and durability. 

s-l1600 (7).jpg

African Style Djembe
The synthetic shell ensures the djembe is weather resistant suiting any conditions, whilst the authentic goat skin head and rope tuning will keep you creating endless new sounds and tones to help you make unique African-style rhythms and melodies.

This drum is perfect for bands, school percussions groups, professionals and beginners alike, coming in a warm orange finish, giving the drum an authentic African look.

9 " Djembe £59.00

10" Djembe £79.00


download (48)_edited.jpg

Half Moon Tambourine

In Blue, Yellow, Red & Black



    "Sound of Mozart" Jaws-Harp

  • 4 different models (no. 6,8,12,16)

  • Assorted finishes

    From £6.95 to £10.95


Vic Firth American Classic Hickory Drumsticks

Sold in pairs.

Available with or without nylon tips.

Sizes 2B - 5A - 7A




Hayman Bongos

  • Hardwood

  • 6,5"+7,5"

  • Rawhide skins

  • Black hardware

  • Colour: Blue and Yellow



Wood Guiro

​20cm Wooden Guiro with scraper



Dragon Wood Cajon with Bag

Create the sound of drums with a snare​.

Very light and portable. An instrument for everyone!



Hayman Glockenspiel
30 notes, G-C, with stand and music rest.


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