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Vintage Equipment


Gallotone Acoustic Guitar Mid - Late 1950's

As played by John Lennon in the Quarrymen.


Fully original guitar in very good condition, like the one John Lennon played in the mid - late 1950's. It has some wear marks and scratches which you would expect from a 60+ year old instrument. Most of these guitars you see for sale are in much poorer condition. This one however plays fine and holds it's tuning very well. The guitar was made in South Africa. It would be particularly interesting to Beatles collectors and film makers.  (Note the original one played by John Lennon sold for £155,000 at auction in New York!).
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Fender Vibrosonic Guitar Amplifier
Made in 1978. Condition is Used, but it is in excellent condition and working order. It has been well looked after and fully serviced. This amplifier is very similar to a 70s Fender Twin Reverb in the Amp section, The Vibrosonic is equipped with the Original 15" Speaker. This amp really has a very wide frequency range.

schaller reverb.jpg
Schaller Reverb Unit from 1971
This is a quality built spring reverb unit with bass treble and reverb volume controls suitable for vocals and guitar. This has been serviced by our engineer.

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