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Layaway Payment Scheme


Layaway is when you see an item in store that you would like to purchase but don’t have 100% of the money to buy it straight away.

You can pay us a 20% deposit and pay the remaining 80% over the course of 8 weeks! 

1. You will not pay a penny of interest. 


2. We store your goods securely for up to 8 weeks.


3. You can make as many or as little payment amounts as you like over 8 weeks. 

Please Note:

In some instances we can allow a little more time to complete the purchase.

However, if the transaction is not completed within 3 calendar months,
then the item will go back on sale and the original deposit will be retained.

Terms & Conditions

Record of Payment

A record of payments transaction history will always be available for the buyer to see, recording all amounts paid to-date and the date and value of all future pending payments as per the agreed layaway policy.


Storage and Identification of Layaway Products

Product’s on Layaway will be set aside and stored separately to other products. Products will be clearly identified as ‘Layaway contract’ products by a number or some other identification.

Cancellation of Layaway by Buyer

The buyer may cancel their Layaway agreement form at any time prior to the collection or delivery of products and on receipt of products. If a buyer formally cancels a  Layaway purchase, Twang Guitars Ltd will issue a store credit note to the buyer for any amount paid over the deposit amount and the original deposit, as a cancellation charge will be retained by Twang Guitars Ltd.

Desertion of the Layaway Agreement

If the buyer does not pay for the product in full within 8 weeks of the purchase date, Twang Guitars Ltd reserve the right to place the product back on sale. The deposit will be forfeit by the customer and a store credit of any money paid over the deposit will be available for 3 months past the 8 week Layaway period. After that 3 month period if the money is not collected it will also become forfeit.

Damaged Products

If the products are damaged, the Buyer must  advise the seller in person and produce the product for inspection. Twang Guitars Ltd reserve the right to mend, adjust or replace the product before offering a refund. If the goods are found to be faulty whilst in the care of Twang Guitars, a full refund will be given to the customer.

Product No Longer Available

​If the products are no longer available, Twang Guitars will cancel the Layaway and refund all monies to the buyer.

Cancellation Where Business Closes

If Twang Guitars under a Layaway agreement proposes to stop trading before the agreement is completed, we will give notice of the proposal to the buyer and either. 

(a) Allow the buyer 7 days within which to complete the agreement 



(b) Cancel the Layaway

Effect of Cancellation


Subject to the above, when a Layaway is cancelled by either party, Twang Guitars will refund all money due within 14 days.


If the money is not collected or arrangements for payment to the buyer are not forthcoming, after 3 calendar months, Twang Guitars Ltd will deem the matter closed and any money paid will be non refundable. 


There are circumstances which prohibit Twang Guitars from keeping the cancellation charge. These include but are not limited to, situations where the products are damaged, or not delivered, or where Seller has breached a term of the Layaway statement.

Twang Guitars Ltd under a Lay-Buy agreement must not cancel it unless: 

a) The buyer breaches a term of the Lay-Buy 


b) Twang Guitars stops trading.


c) The products are no longer available.


d) The product is defective and cannot be replaced with the same product. 



Twang Guitars will only release or dispatch the buyer product/s after receiving the final instalment payment on all Layaway deals.

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