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Lâg Guitar’s experience in building fine instruments combined with HyVibe’s expertise in smart, connected vibration technology will change the way you practice, create, and perform with your guitar. Welcome to the next generation of acoustic instruments.


The world’s first Smart Guitar


Bluetooth Speaker


Connect your HyVibe System to a Bluetooth device and turn your guitar into a connected speaker.


Jam along with backing tracks or even stream guitar lessons for an enhanced learning experience.


Loop, Record and Share


Experience the fun of recording loops and jamming over them. Directly through the guitar!


Instantly record new song ideas and share them with the world.


Mobile app


Use the HyVibe mobile app to customize your effects, EQ your sound, record your playing, and much more.


Built in Effect Processor


Self-amplify customizable guitar effects such as chorus, reverb, distortion, pitch-shifter, tremolo, acoustic boost, etc. directly from the body of the guitar. 


Self Amplification


The HyVibe System’s dual actuators turn the guitar top into its own amplifier.

They excite the guitar near the bridge, creating a hybrid vibration between the natural resonances of the guitar’s body and our processed vibration.

Connect with the HyVibe Mobile App!

The versatile mobile application gives you the power to create custom effects, EQ your sound, and program banks/presets on your guitar.

All in real-time!

You can also use it to update your guitar with new effects and feature updates that are continuously being released.



Plug your guitar into an amplifier and use your effects & Bluetooth stream on stage. It is the first guitar in the world with an input jack, which enables you to plug in external devices (pedals, PC, etc.)


Extra Features

Many extra tools & features that every guitarist wants such as a built-in tuner, metronome, and Bluetooth MIDI controller capability. And since the HyVibe Smart Guitar is a connected device, you can install software updates when we release new features!

” ‘The greatest invention ever seen on an acoustic guitar‘ is a bold claim to make when introducing a new guitar. But a new collaboration between two French companies does just that, with the introduction of the Lâg Tramontane HyVibe series…”

– Acoustic Guitar Magazine



The long life battery allows you to play, loop and stream for over 10 hours/charge. You can charge it easily thanks to its USBC charging port, or use a power bank away from home and play while it is charging.

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