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2x Female speaker/speakon plug
female speaker/speakon plug adapter in blister packaging. 4 pins 

ROHS Compliant.

2 x Female stereo jack / female symetrical XLR adaptor in blister packaging.

2 x Double female RCA/male stereo mini phone-plug adaptor in blister pack.
ROHS Compliant.

2x Male - Male 1/4" adaptor in blister packaging.

ROHS Compliant

Metallic gold.

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3.5 mm Stereo Plug to 6.35 mm stereo socket.

Suitable for headphones


Material: Metal & Plastic

Colour: Black



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Boston XLR to Male Jack Connector



2 X 1/4" Female Mono Connectors to 1/4" Male Mono Jack



1/8" to 1/4" Jack Mono connector.



The Chord DI-P1 Passive DI Box


This DI Box is for converting high-impedance instrument outputs to low-impedance line signals for feeding directly into a mixing console. 

Equipped with 3 pad settings, RF/mains filter and selector for ground lift with or without filter. 

Input: 6.3mm jack (unbalanced)

Outputs: XLRM (balanced), 6.3mm jack through (unbalanced)


Input: 6.3mm jack (unbalanced)

Outputs: XLRM (balanced), 6.3mm jack through (unbalanced)

Input impedance: >100k Ohms

Output impedance: 600 Ohms

Controls: 0/-20/-40dBu pad & Ground-Float-Lift switch

Dimensions: 86 x 70 x 45mm

Weight: 234g


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