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Lag T177JCE Electro-Acoustic Guitar


The jumbo-bodied Lag Guitars Tramontane T177JCE electro-acoustic guitar offers exactly the definition, depth, and played-in character demanded by finger-pickers and strummers alike. The solid Engelmann spruce soundboard adds a sweet, aged tone to this model and combines with the khaya back and sides to finish a rich a versatile foundation. Couple that with the built-in Stage Lâg preamp and tuner, and you're backed up by a solid and refined, stage and studio ready instrument.

Product features

Number frets 20

Number of strings 6

Body construction solid top


Pickup type piëzo

Acoustic guitar size large

Wood type (back)mahogany

Fretboard wood brownwood

Wood type (soundboard) spruce

Wood type (sides) mahogany

Built-in electronics tone control, tuner, preamplifier

Lag T177JCE Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Lag T177JCE Electro-Acoustic Guitar
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