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Crafter HT-250CE/VS Electro-Acoustic Guitar


Body Shape and Construction: The HT-250CE/VS features a grand auditorium body shape, which is known for its balanced tone and projection. The guitar's top might is made of solid spruce, which contributes to the instrument's resonance and tonal qualities.

The guitar features a vintage sunburst finish. The back and sides, are made from mahogany that complement the top wood and add warmth to the guitar's sound.

This guitar has a cutaway design, allowing easier access to higher frets on the fingerboard. This feature is particularly useful for players who enjoy playing lead or solo parts.

Electronics: Being an electro-acoustic guitar, the HT-250CE/VS has a built-in pickup and preamp system. This allows the guitar to be connected to an amplifier or sound system for live performances or recording purposes. The preamp includes controls for volume and tone, and also features like an onboard tuner.

Crafter is known for producing guitars with good build quality and playability. The HT-250CE/VS has great attention to detail in its craftsmanship, resulting in a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience.

With its combination of tonewoods, body shape, and electronics, the HT-250CE/VS is delivers a well-balanced and versatile sound suitable for a variety of musical styles, from strumming and fingerpicking to more intricate playing techniques.

Crafter HT-250CE/VS Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Crafter HT-250CE/VS Electro-Acoustic Guitar
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