Lay-Buy is when you see an item in store that you would like to

purchase but don’t have 100% of the money to buy it.

You pay us a 20% deposit and pay the remaining 80% over the course of 8 weeks! 

This can be made in one lump sum or several smaller payments it’s up to you!

Here are some great reasons why a Lay-Buy might be the right thing for you!

1. You will not pay a penny of interest. 


2. We store your goods securely for up to 8 weeks.


3. You can make as many or as little payment amounts as you like over 8 weeks. 

An Example of our Lay-Buy Scheme
You want to buy this Guitar which is £200.
We store your Guitar for 8 Weeks.
You pay 20% of the cost which is £40.
You make as many or as little payments as you like over the next 8 weeks until it is paid for. You can also pay it off sooner or in a lump sum if you wish.
Once it is fully paid for - it's yours!
Twang Guitars
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SE20 7EZ
Tel. 0208 676 0926
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